Best Gold IRA Account 2022

The Best Gold IRA Account 2022- Protect Your Retirement With The Best Gold IRA Account

The Best Gold IRA Account 2022- Protect Your Retirement With The Best Gold IRA Account

If you’re nearing retirement and want to ensure your nest egg is as safe as possible, a gold IRA may be a suitable investment. A Gold IRA account allows you to hold physical gold bullion and other traditional assets like stocks and bonds. While many companies offer Gold IRA accounts, not all are created equal. In this article, we’ll review the five best Gold IRA companies based on customer service, financial security, and account fees. We aim to help you find the right one for your unique needs.

What Is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that offers all the benefits of a traditional IRA but with some additional features aimed at helping you save more money. These self-directed IRAs have been around since the late 1990s and offer investors more choices than traditional IRAs.

Gold and other precious metals must meet IRS fineness requirements to qualify for gold IRA funding.

People tend to be on the gold bandwagon as some of the recent changes in the investing world have increased investors’ interest in gold. With a time lag of six years, stocks may seem stale compared with precious metals. The future looks gold-hungry, and that fact alone should prompt investors to watch the rates of gold prices as many investors sign up with an IRA account and purchase physical gold.

The best gold IRA companies are familiar with the storage requirements of the precious metals purchased for your gold IRA. Depositories must be approved by the IRS and need to meet stringent requirements. This article will explore several of these options later.

What is a Gold IRA?
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Best Gold IRA Companies 2022

Precious metals IRAs are a great way to invest in physical gold and silver bullion, which you can hold in your IRA as opposed to stocks and bonds. However, not all precious metal IRAs are created equal. The best Gold IRA companies offer high-quality storage of physical gold for the lowest fees available. We’ve rounded up our top five Gold IRA companies based on our best practices, including low fees, financial security, and excellent customer service.

Many companies offer Gold IRA services and promise customers the moon. Gold Hill Retreat has gone through the trouble of sifting through thousands of reviews from the Better Business Bureau, Business consumer alliance, and Trust Pilot from actual customers. Below are our top gold IRA companies for a self-directed IRA. You can’t go wrong considering selecting any gold IRA business on this list. 

As much as Gold Hill Retreat has researched these companies, it is important to research before choosing a gold IRA company. As you continue to read through the ranking, it will become clear each of these companies has strengths and weaknesses.

We have based the rankings on customer feedback, product selection, company activity in reply to customer responses (both positive and negative), and support each of the companies has provided.

Best Gold IRA Company 2022

#1 Gold IRA Company Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals has committed to being the top gold IRA company in the United States. In an industry filled with companies that apply high-pressure sales tactics, it’s reassuring to know companies like Augusta Precious Metals focus on educating customers first before ever suggesting a gold IRA rollover.

Once arming the customer with current information on government policy and how it can affect the markets, they can make an informed decision.

Read the full report on Augusta Precious Metals and how they support your retirement on Gold Hill Retreats website.

There is only one takeaway Gold Hill Retreat reviewers have found in our initial review on which the company could improve. Augusta Precious Metals’ website and offerings are limited to gold and silver purchases. Unlike the other companies, which also offer platinum and palladium.

Being the only Precious Metal company to still have a ZERO customer complaint filed, an exquisite continuing education program that only provides the facts of our current economic climate, competitive prices, and wide selection depositories, Augusta Precious Metals has earned the #1 spot on our list.

#2 Gold IRA Company Regal Assets

Tyler Gallagher started Regal Assets; Tyler Gallagher began with a small initial investment and a big vision. Today they are a well-known company that has used its negotiating power to provide their customer with the best gold and silver prices.

Tyler Gallagher and Regal Assets have achieved something no other precious metal IRA investment company has. They are a member of an elite invitation-only Forbes Financial Council.

The Forbes Finacial Council is the who’s who of business masterminds and influencers of the financial services industries. Tyler Gallagher was noticed for his work at Regal Assets in providing superior service in the physical metals and crypto industries.

Regal Assets offers the largest selection of cryptocurrencies to invest with IRA funds. They have partnered with Coinbase and kingdom trust. Both partnering companies are the leaders in their respective fields, giving Regal Assets the authority in crypto IRA investment.

Check out the full Review of Regal Assets Gold IRA – How they stack up?

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3rd Best Gold IRA Company

#3 Gold IRA Company Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is a gold IRA company that has proven itself with customers. In Gold Hill Retreat’s review titled Birch Gold Group Reviews – Birch Gold IRA solution to economic instabilities, discover the type of IRA other companies might advise customers to use. This gold IRA investment company advises against utilizing a certain type of IRA even though it allows the customer to hold the physical precious metals in their home.

Several tax implications are adding to the reasons why Birch Gold Group does not advise using this type of precious metals IRA, even though some customers like the idea of holding the physical precious metals in their possession.

4th Best Gold IRA Company 2022

#4 Gold IRA Company Goldco

The fourth best Gold IRA company on Gold Hill Retreat’s list is GoldCo. To customers of GoldCo, it will come as no surprise this elite precious metals IRA account provider is one of the top 5 best precious metals investment companies. GoldCo is well known for its customer service and non-pressured sales process.

GoldCo has proven itself to be an advocate for customers. To read the full review on GoldCo, head over to GoldCo Review: Precious Metals IRA Investment Company 2021 GoldCo Overview, where Gold Hill Retreat has written out a full review and how this reputable gold ira company has won the coveted Stevie Award.

#5 Best Gold IRA Account

#5 Gold IRA Company Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investment, headed by Collin Plume, realized that the key to financial freedom is diversification with tangible investments. Plume’s mission to preserve his client’s wealth is the reason why Noble Gold is one of the best gold investment companies a savvy investor could choose.

Like most other companies on this list, Noble Gold has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. To learn more about Noble Gold Investments and their gold IRA fees, read the full review: Noble Gold Investments Reviews – The Truth Exposed About the Precious Metals IRA Company

What to Know About Gold IRAs

The IRS has recently announced that gold and other precious metals are considered “collectibles” and therefore qualify for the new “collectibles” IRA. The rules of a gold IRA account are as follows:

  • Bullion must be at least 99.5% pure.

  • All bullion items must be stored in your name and cannot be co-mingled with other assets.

  • The gold held in the account cannot be pledged as collateral for any loan and is not subject to foreign currency exchange.

When investing in a gold IRA, it’s important to consider: the provider’s reputation, customer service, fees, and the quality of gold they offer. The IRS is extremely strict about the fineness of the precious metals purchased from the gold IRA company. The requirement of an IRS-approved Gold IRA custodian provides protection to you, the consumer. The IRS-approved gold IRA custodian verifies the IRA investment complies with the fineness standards.

Gold IRA investments must reach maturity before withdrawing assets like traditional IRA investments. According to the IRS website, you can start withdrawing funds from qualified gold individual retirement accounts. Hold investments to maturity to avoid tax penalties.

Be aware of potential tax penalties for storing your gold at home. The additional requirements and liabilities in keeping gold in your home are why Birch Gold recommends not to hold precious metals purchases at home.

Is there a Gold Roth IRA?

Investing in gold and other precious metals is a great way to diversify your portfolio with investment-grade assets that tend to hold their value better than stocks or bonds in times of inflation or economic instability. These Roth IRAs are self-directed IRA accounts.

Tips for a Wise Gold IRA Buyer

Tips for a Wise Gold IRA buyer

1. Consider your risk tolerance level when investing in precious metals. There is no guarantee that precious metal IRA values will rise or keep up with inflation.

2. A gold IRA company’s reputation is important; make sure to conduct independent research before committing to a provider. The top 5 best gold IRA companies in this list are an excellent place to start, and Gold Hill Retreat provides direct links to the review sites to benefit our readers.

3. Find out how much you will pay for storage and maintenance fees. Most companies average around $180 per year with an initial setup fee.

4. Look into companies that offer a variety of products gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

5. Understand what protection measures are in place to ensure the safety of your investments. One of the most popular depository networks approved by the IRS is the international Depository Service (IDS). All assets under management are insured by Lloyd’s of London.

Why is it important to buy IRS-Approved Coins for your Gold IRA?

Gold IRA investing might initially seem exotic or terrifying, but purchasing gold and silver for precious metals IRAs is pretty straightforward. Reviews from the Business Consumer Alliance show that GoldCo, Augusta, Noble Gold Investments, and Birch Gold make the process as simple as possible.

Augusta Precious Metals boasts that their assigned Gold IRA specialist will complete about 90% of the paperwork for their customers. – That’s customer service!

Each company has a wide selection of IRS-approved gold and silver IRA investments. When making a gold IRA investment, be sure to work with your gold IRA investment company’s dedicated account rep. Most gold ira companies assign precious metal IRA specialists.

The best gold IRA company will ensure customers only select qualified gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for the self-directed IRA retirement account. A gold IRA custodian, usually of your choice, will inspect the gold and silver purchases to ensure they meet IRS standards before inventorying them in the precious metals IRA account.

Storing Gold IRA Assets

Where Are the Precious Metals Inside Your Gold IRA Stored?

An IRS-approved depository like the Delaware depository or an International Depository Services Group member is needed to store the precious metals purchased to fund a gold IRA. Investors must hold precious Metals IRA purchases such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in a segregated account with the depository.

Which depository should you choose?

When choosing a depository for your gold IRA, you have several options. The two most popular IRS-approved choices are the Delaware depository and a location that is a member of the International Depository Services group.

The Delaware depository is known for its high security and excellent customer service. All assets under management are insured by Lloyd’s of London, and the IRS has approved the Delaware depository since 2006.

The International Depository Services Group offers various services, including segregated account storage, insurance, and 24/7 security. Their locations’ global network of storage facilities makes them a good choice for investors who want their gold IRA investments stored in multiple locations.

Precious Metals IRA Storage

With gold prices expected to climb over the next several years, keeping all gold bullion safe is essential. Many investors like to keep their gold and silver investments close to home. Augusta Precious Metals offers probably the widest selection of depositories to choose from.

Having a wide range of IRS-approved depositories makes Augusta Precious Metals the best gold ira companies choice for a gold or silver IRA investor looking to keep their gold purchases close to home. Augusta works with many depositories and allows precious metals IRA customers on-site visits to see the physical assets under their care.

The Texas Bullion Depository is a Texas state-run facility where Noble Bold investments claim to have acquired sole private gold investment company storage rights. Giving precious metals IRA retirement account holders a chance to store their gold bullion in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Delaware Depository is probably the most popular depository to store precious metal IRA investments. Most top gold ira companies have contracts to hold gold investments at the storage facility.

Be Advised of Gold IRA Storage Choices

While there are several depositories across the United State-approved by the IRS to store your gold IRA investment, a gold IRA provider might only work with a select few. While most depositories have similar pricing for storage, administrative, and insurance fees best practice is to shop around for the location that meets your needs.

A Silver IRA, unlike a traditional IRA, investments must be held in a depository approved by the IRS. An appointed custodian or trustee will manage all transactions and the account. The price to store silver in an individual retirement account depends on where the investor chooses the storage location.

Gold IRA Reviews

Gold IRA Reviews

There are several ways to look and review the precious metals investment companies offering gold IRA investors a way to diversify a retirement portfolio. Gold Hill Retreat has sifted through consumer review sites for relevant information to customer experience. Our reviewing and rating process includes how interactive the companies have been with us, an affiliate review site, as this typically correlates directly to the customer.

Most review sites hide that they have most likely built a monetary relationship with the various gold companies they review or promote. Gold Hill Retreat is a little different. We strive to develop partnerships with the best gold investment companies in the United States. Building these partnerships allows for a more accurate report of how attentive the company responds to questions, inquiries, and policies that affect the customer experience.

Each of the precious metal companies on this list has a proven track record of protecting consumer wealth by diversifying retirement portfolio investments. Independent customer reviews of each company indicate the primary focus is being there when the customer needs them without pushing or angling for a sale.

In the reviews provided by Gold Hill Retreat, readers can find links to the customer reviews found on third-party review sites. Examples of third-party review sites vary from the Better Business Bureau, Business consumer alliance, and Trust Pilot, to name a few. Achievements and accolades awarded to the prestigious gold investment companies are noted for acknowledgment.

Augusta Precious Metals

As mentioned above, Augusta Precious Metals is determined to become the elite gold IRA investment company. Over the past year, this gold investment company has invested heavily in streamlining its process to provide the highest quality education in the current economic environment. They are arming the general population with the knowledge of how the current geopolitical policies can affect investments.

Harvard economics alumni Devlyn Steele has almost 40 years of experience in the finance industry. Steele has been releasing weekly updates on Augusta’s blog and YouTube Channel. These updates are highly informative as they provide insight into how the financial market has reacted to similar situations in the past.

Unlike other gold ira companies, this company has maintained a perfect record of ZERO customer complaints on any third-party review site. Augusta is the only gold IRA company Gold Hill Retreat has reviewed to date with such an impeccable record. A physical gold IRA company in business for 10 years exemplifies Augusta’s attention to an excellent customer experience.

To further improve the customer experience, Augusta’s website has recently been redesigned. The new design focuses on building trust and connecting with the company. Prominently displayed at the top of the page is the spokesperson, national football icon Joe Montana followed by two compelling video testimonials from customers.

Many readers will recognize the name Joe Montana as an NFL legend. The story of how Joe Montana became a customer of this over all the gold IRA companies on the market is attractive. Joe was looking to diversify his traditional IRA from the typical stock market investments and asked his personal financial advisors to find the best gold ira companies. They came back with Augusta Precious Metals as their top pick.

Like other investors looking to purchase precious metals with a gold ira rollover, Joe came through the sales presentation. When Devlyn Steele presented his regular live market analysis for new investors to Augusta, Steele did not even know Joe Montana was on the stream until mid-way through. Showing Joe Montana’s commitment to conducting his unbiased due diligence before becoming a company customer.

Sometime after becoming a customer, Joe and Augusta agreed with him to be the spokesperson for the company. Read the full comprehensive review on this gold IRA rollover investing company.

Regal Assets Gold IRa company review

Just one visit to Regal Assets’ website shows how transparent the company really is. This elite gold IRA company can gain customers’ trust right from the home page. Visitors will see this as the authority website Regal Assets has been associated with top financial news organizations such as Smart Money, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, CoinDesk, The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, Reuters, and many more. All this is eloquently displayed before you ever need to scroll down the page.

Further down the page is premier celebrities who earnestly endorse the company and use an existing IRA to purchase gold or other precious metal IRAs such as silver, platinum, and palladium. Celebrity endorsements are followed by a timeline of Regal Assets’ achievements and milestones from opening its doors in 2009. To being featured in Forbes Investment Guide’s special issue in 2016 to 2019 when they launched cryptocurrencies as part of their investment portfolio.

Ranking Regal Assets as one of the best gold ira companies is not only a Gold Hill Retreat decision, but they are an official member of the INC. 500 and Forbes Finance Council.

As a special note, Forbes Finance Council is an invite-only club and an invitation-only organization for senior-level financial services executives and leaders. Tyler Gallagher, the CEO of Regals Assets, received his invitation to join the Forbes Council in 2018. As a member of the financial counsel, Gallagher has gained access to building connections with industry leaders, increased visibility, and notoriety for being a member of the highly sought-after group.

Regal Assets was the first to be awarded the first-ever crypto-commodities license by the DMCC in late 2017.

Read Regal Assets’ Full Review at Gold Hill Retreat: Review of Regal Assets and How They Stack Up.

Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group is another gold IRA company specializing in helping customers set up safe and secure retirement portfolio accounts backed by precious metals. Like several gold IRA providers, this company is well known for providing customers with high customer care. When customers are ready for a gold ira rollover Birch Gold’s precious metal specialist is prepared to help.

Birch Gold has provided gold IRAs for over 20 years. When investors are looking to purchase precious metals like gold coins, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion Birch Gold is a company that has stood the test of time.

Birch Gold has been featured in several new media outlets, including the Daily Wire, a conservative news media outlet founded by the youngest nationally syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro hosts one of the web’s fastest-growing, hardest hitting, and most insightful conservative shows. Shapiro has long endorsed diversifying retirement accounts to minimize adverse market impacts. He acknowledges the depth and experience Birch Gold Group brings to the table. As a gold ira rollover.

Birch Gold prominently displays several well-respected financial experts on their home page, endorsing both the value of purchasing precious metals and using Birch Gold Group to make those purchases. Financial experts include Steve Forbes, Ben Shapiro, Floyd Brown, and Jim Rogers.

Birch Gold’s difference to customers is the belief in empowering their customers with knowledge. The most successful precious metals IRA companies seem to have this one common thread. Birch Gold tends to have an inside track in reaching more customers as precious metal specialists are frequently featured on the Ben Shapiro Show.

If you are considering purchasing gold coins, silver bullion, or other precious metals, are interested in gold IRA rollovers or are curious about the gold IRA process, check out the full review of Birch Gold on Gold Hill Retreat.

GoldCo Review

GoldCo is known for its professionalism, careful attention to clients, and consultative approach to helping meet customers’ retirement goals. Newswire reported on March 15, 2017, that GoldCo and Ron Paul announced an exclusive partnership. The CEO of GoldCo, Trevor Gerszt, at the time said:

“We couldn’t have found a better fit than Dr. Ron Paul because his views strongly exemplify our mission here at GoldCo; that is to protect hardworking Americans from devastating financial losses caused by inevitable economic downfalls,”

Gerszt is a self-man who came to America with his parents when he was six. Gerszt worked hard through school and started in real estate by embracing the American dream. After the 2008 downturn, he realized his purpose. Hard-working Americans’ retirement portfolios had been devastated because of over-consolidation into paper assets like the stock market.

Here’s a quote from his LinkedIn Bio:

“Drawing on experiences he’d had seeing less-than-ethical providers in the industry, Trevor was determined to run his new company, Goldco Precious Metals, according to strict ethical practices.

Not only do clients trust GoldCo for unmatched service and product quality in precious metals, they increasingly entrust the security of their retirement earnings. GoldCo Precious Metals is one of the only firms nationwide for which the largest part of their business is rolling over traditional IRAs and other qualified retirement accounts into Gold IRAs. GoldCo also offers the Self Storage Gold IRA, a unique self-directed IRA product that gives clients the highest possible degree of control over their retirement assets.”


GoldCo is the only company acknowledged by the prestigious Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards are the premier business awards in the world. They were founded in 2002 to recognize the achievements, accomplishments, and contributions of professional organizations and working professionals around the globe. Only the elite professional companies receive a nomination for an award. GoldCo was nominated as the company of the year for financial services; see award page.

More than 1000 executives worldwide take part in the judging process for reviewing the nominations, judging, and selections of finalists and ultimately the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners of the Stevie Awards. 1000’s businesses take part in the nomination process.

It is worth noting some of GoldCo’s accomplishments in consideration of the 2021 Best Company of the Year award.

  1.  Sales Increase: Since January 2019, the company has grown its revenues by more than 189%.

  2. The Number of Customers Increases: Since January 2019, the company has grown its customer base by more than 138%.

  3. The #of Positive Customer Reviews: Since January 2019, the company has received an increase of 184% of positive customer reviews.

  4. The number of New Employees: Since January 2019, the company has more than doubled its staff of experienced IRA specialists.

  5. COVID-19 growth: When COVID-19 forced the company to move staff to remote working locations, the management team, operations staff, and support teams transitioned all staff to productive home environments. The company experienced its best year of growth and employee satisfaction in 2020.

Read the full GoldCo review.

Noble Gold Investments Review

When considering which gold and silver IRA companies to choose from, Noble Gold Investments is another company that should not be overlooked. Much like GoldCo’s, Trevor Gerszt Noble Gold Investment’s CEO Collin Plume was once in the real estate industry before transitioning to servicing silver IRAs.

The attractive methodology behind Plume’s transition into the physical gold and silver industry seems different from his counterpart at GoldCo. Plume’s focus is on helping customers achieve financial freedom.

According to Plume’s LinkedIn Bio, He realized the key to financial freedom is having diversification with tangible investments like gold and silver coins. Using Self-directed, silver IRAs as an investment growth tax shelter makes perfect sense for savvy investors.

Noble Gold has secured precious metals IRAs storage rights at the state-of-the-art depository in Texas. As an investor, if you live in the great state of Texas and would like to arrange visits to see your physical silver, platinum, palladium, or gold coins, this precious metal company may be the optimum choice.

Noble Gold has the lowest minimum investment found of the top 5 best gold ira companies listed here. With a minimum investment of only $2,000 to start diversifying your retirement portfolio, Noble Gold offers a wide selection of gold coins for any investor to start.

This elite precious metals IRA company offers investment services and packages for a variety of investors. Noble Gold is known for seasoned, savvy investors looking to preserve wealth through gold and silver investments. It is known for assisting clients to further diversify their assets by introducing them to a trusted partner in another industry.

Over the year, Plume and his organization have created a network of investment partners in various industries, including real estate, financial agents, estate planning attorneys, and certified public accountants. This extended network helps clients retain their wealth and are kept aware of pending market changes that could adversely affect their portfolios.

Additional Gold IRA Companies

Several other notable Precious metals IRA companies offer services to investors looking to diversify their retirement accounts with gold coins, gold bullion, or silver coins. Companies Gold Hill Retreat is evaluating but did not make the top 5 list is Patriot Gold Group, Advantage Gold, American Hartford Gold, Rosland Capital, JM Bullion, and Lear Capital.

When looking for companies to start gold IRAs or would like to learn more about gold IRA rollover Gold Hill Retreat will always encourage readers to conduct individual research before choosing the right reputable gold IRA company for them.

Even though Advantage Gold did not make the top 5 best gold ira companies for 2022, they are a serious contender for readers to consider. Advantage Gold has a perfect 5 stars on Trust Link and has been voted #1 Trusted Gold IRA company 5-years in a row.

Gold Hill Retreat has written a full review of Advantage Gold for interested readers. Check out: Advantage Gold Review – Find Out Why They Were Voted #1 Trusted Gold IRA Company 5 years in a row

Related Gold IRA Resources

Gold Hill Retreat is becoming a leader in reviewing Gold IRA companies to help readers find the best Gold IRA company for them. Understanding individual retirement portfolios vary differently. When considering gold IRAs for your portfolio, you must assess your individual goals and personal risk tolerance.

While precious metals such as gold coins, gold bullion, silver, platinum, and palladium have generally been solid investments in the past, previous performance does not guarantee future results. It is only an indicator.

Additionally, make sure to work closely with your trusted financial provider to ensure you follow all IRS rules and regulations. Even if you use Gold Hill Retreat to help research reputable, solid gold IRA companies, make sure to follow up by consulting with your financial advisor before making any decisions regarding your retirement funds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold IRAs

Frequently Ased Questions for Gold IRA

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold IRAs

How is a Gold IRA different from other IRAs?

A Gold IRA, also known as a precious metals IRA, is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that allows you to hold physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium instead of paper assets in your account. Gold IRAs offer investors the security of holding tangible assets in the event of another financial market crash or economic recession.

Why should I invest in a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs offer investors numerous benefits, including:

  • Diversification: Gold is a tangible asset that can help reduce overall portfolio risk in the event of another stock market crash or economic recession.

  • Security: The government cannot confiscate physical gold held in a secure location as other paper assets can be.

  • Tax Advantages: Contributions to a Gold IRA are tax-deductible, and any earnings on your investments are tax-deferred until you retire or invest with taxed funds. Pay no taxes on investment growth upon distribution of funds.

  • Liquidity: Gold is one of the most liquid investment forms, meaning it can be easily converted into cash when needed.

  • Gold Prices are currently low compared to market projections

What are the risks of investing in gold?

Risk is associated with investing in any market, but gold generally has lower risk than revenue-heavy investments like stocks. Gold is one of the most liquid investment forms and can be easily converted into cash when needed. Additionally, gold prices are currently low compared to market projections.

Several market analysts have projected gold to reach a price point of $5,000. When writing this article, gold has already jumped from $1,700 to $1,900, and several market indicators support this hefty valuation of $5,000.

  • Record High Inflation

  • Entry-level job salaries have risen 250% over 12 months (Fastest in history)

  • Cold War pressures

  • High Oil prices

  • Uncertainty in the energy sector.

Can I roll over my existing retirement account into a Gold IRA?

Yes, Augusta Precious Metals experienced gold IRA specialist assists customers daily using funds from a traditional IRA and rolling them over to a gold IRA. Utilizing a gold IRA rollover gives account holders the option to hold physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in their retirement portfolio rather than paper assets alone. Gold IRAs offer investors the security of holding tangible assets in the event of another financial market crash or economic recession. For more information, consult with an Augusta Precious Metals advisor today.

What are the minimum investment requirements for a Gold IRA?

Each gold IRA company has structured the minimum investment differently. Several companies like Birch Gold require a $10,000 minimum investment, while others like Augusta require that an investor has $50,000 allocated to their retirement savings.

Gold Hill Retreat’s best gold ira company, GoldCo, recommends having $25,000 for a minimum investment.

Some beginning investors may think $25,000 is too high. Gold Hill Retreat would remind these readers that a gold IRA account is used to diversify an established retirement account. When purchasing gold bars or silver bullion, diversifying with gold or silver should be done in proportion to other asset classes to prevent catastrophic loss in the event anyone asset finds itself in ruin.

What metals can be held in a Gold IRA?

The IRS establishes the type and quality of metals approved for purchase and funding in an IRA. The average reader can easily get lost bouncing between the websites of the IRS and IRC (Internal Revenue Code).

Here is a simple way to remember. There are 4 approved metals to fund a silver IRA and those metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Before purchasing one of these precious metals, verify the quality or fineness of the metal.

The fineness of a precious metal object (coin, bar, jewelry, etc.) represents the weight of fine metal therein, in proportion to the total weight which includes alloying base metals and any impurities. (Wikipedia)

Each of the four precious metals has purity qualifications. Gold Must be 99.5% pure. Silver must be the most refined at 99.9%, then platinum and palladium both need to be 99.95% pure.

IRS Standards

United States Coins

Gold must be 99.5% pure

Gold American Eagle Coin

Silver must be 99.9% pure

Silver American Eagle Coin

Platinum must be 99.95% pure

American Eagle Platinum Coin

Palladium must be 99.95% pure

American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin

How do I fund my Gold IRA account?

Investors can fund a gold IRA account in many ways. Some of the most popular are rollover funds from traditional or Roth IRA accounts to use as seed money and large purchases of various precious metals. Another alternative is to open a new account and invest with unallocated funds. This latter investment option is less popular as most investors seek to properly diversify or shelter retirement funds from market uncertainty with physical precious metals.

Currently, many investors are looking to hedge against the dollar and other paper assets to protect their wealth from the next market crash. According to the United States Bureau of Labor, inflation is 7.5%, a 40-year record high. Four main factors drive the record inflation:

  1. An unprecedented amount of money printed over 24 month time period

  2. Supply chain disruption

  3. A surge of demand for products with unused money given during quarantine

  4. Entry-level job base pay increased 250%+ in 12 months to attract workers back into the market.

Savvy investors looking to preserve wealth has already diversified their portfolio. If you need to protect your retirement portfolio with physical precious metals, feel free to contact several of the top gold ira companies on this list.

Can I take physical possession of the metals in my Gold IRA?

The only way to take physical possession of the metals, gold bars, or silver coins in a gold IRA is through an IRA LLC. An IRA LLC allows for storage of the rare metals in your safe at home, but Birch Gold cautions against this.

A personal self-directed IRA will not allow storing physical silver investments at home, and they must be kept with an IRC-approved depository in segregated storage. Investors appoint a custodian to validate purchases and assets in the IRA before being placed in storage.

What happens to my metals if I need to withdraw money from my account?

Most precious metal companies offer a buy-back program. Since gold, silver, platinum, or palladium are highly liquid assets, companies can purchase the metals from existing customers. Augusta Precious Metals offers one of the most competitive buy-back programs to their customer, ensuring Augusta Precious Metals customers receive top dollar for their investment.

Make sure to consult with a tax professional to mitigate any tax penalties if you plan to withdraw funds from the retirement account before it has matured.

Concluding Thoughts on Gold IRAs

When it comes to your retirement, don’t leave anything to chance. Protect your savings with a Gold IRA account from one of the top gold ira companies listed above. Not only will you be hedging against future inflation and market crashes, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your assets are safely tucked away in a segregated storage facility.

  • Investors are purchasing physical precious metals more than ever as a means to protect their wealth from the next market crash.

  • This is due to an unprecedented amount of printed money, a surge in demand for products with unused money given during quarantine, and high inflation.

  • A gold IRA account can be funded in many ways, the most popular being to rollover funds from a traditional or Roth IRA account.

  • If investors need to withdraw money from their Gold IRA account, they can do so through a buy-back program.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your retirement savings from the next market crash, contact August Precious Metals today. With a Gold IRA account, you can buy physical gold, silver, and other precious metals to help shield your portfolio from inflation and uncertainty. August Precious Metals has some of the most competitive buy-back rates in the industry, so you can be sure you’re getting the most value for your investment. Don’t leave your retirement savings to chance – contact August Precious Metals today!

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